MotoGP race is not interesting,what can you do..???

(S27) :

Many people speaks their oppinions about how MotoGP race became so boring is no more interesting without a “one rider pass another” action.if you can do something,what are you people goin’ to do…???

1.Tell Casey Stoner to not  going way too fast.

2.Ask Stoner to slow down for 10 seconds,then chase for the podium again.

3.Give him a bad tyre so he can’t go fast.

4.Took his bike and gave it to another rider.

5.give him a satellite bike.

It is really Stoner’s fault if the other rider can’t catch him..?? how is it supposed to  be..?? tell Stoner to wait for the others..??? its a race,right..???

*Sorry for the bad english

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