MotoGP: readdy get bored..??

Tangerang (11/06) :

If you’re addicted to skills demonstrations,taking over manouvers,unique victory celebration etc,well,this man right here’s ready to make you disappointed.
just by this weekend,the MotoGP world champions are about to enter its 6th round.and he has already made a lot more victory than the other riders you can see…when the free practice is opened,he squish his throttle and stand as number one from FP1 to QTT.
with the RC212V,just like Mick Doohan said;it would be easier for him to win a race.and with less challenge in phisiq and mental,he would be able to take his bike a lot more closer to the limit.
Well,gentleman,please welcome…the Aussie Boy…Casey Stoner..!!!!

Casey Stoner

Is it would be a boring season..?? let’s hope not..!!!!

*Sori ya kalo bahasa inggris gue versi britis…satu angkatan ama Tukul..!!!! :mrgreen: pating gronjaaallll…!!!!

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