where’s #27….???

Well,the 2010 MotoGP season is over.and of course,we’ve all knew who’s the winner,yeah…the Spanish Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa at 2nd place,while Valentino Rossi takes 3rd.

On Moto2 cattegories,we have Toni Elias(also Spanish),Julian Simon,and Andrea Iannone. not to forget GP125,Marc Marques 1st,Nico Terol 2nd,then Pol Espargaro 3rd.

And as i watch the tonights MotoGP Award on local T.V station,i was wondering,where’s the man that Iam is a big fans o’him.the man who called The Aussie Boy,which is so much identic with his number 27,Casey Stoner???

Hmm…many problems has come in a few last season.health,bikes,luck(?).well, I don’t know….but,for sure,I hope next seasons would be a better season for him. at least,he still inside the ”Alien”circle.

Keep it good and clean racing #27….but next season,its time to fight and to take back the world title to your hands.

Ra mudeng…??luweh….wong aku bahasa inggris yo litlle-litlle babar blasss….!!!

4 thoughts on “where’s #27….???

  1. Langkung saene kito tenggo mawon mbénjang tahun 2011,mbok menawi mboten njungkal njungkel mungkin sagedh dados kandidat juara dunia,ning kadosipon 99 tesih kuat,26 nggih lumayan angel dikalahaken menawi sehat…naa..46,58 n 11 nggih sami mawon…nuwun sewu nggih,ngge boso pribumi meniko ngkikngkikngkik…. :mrgreen:

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